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The Boid system contract is the center of the Boid ecosystem. Almost everything a person does on Boid will touch the system contract in some way.


The system contract is responsible for the following:

  • Purchase/create a Boid account
  • Sponsor a Boid account
  • Handle BOID tokens (liquid and self staked)
  • Delegated stake of BOID with arbitrary lock time
  • Receive and claim/decay Boid Power
  • Pay to upgrade a Boid account and remove the sponsor
  • Create and manage clubs (set tax fee and owner cut, managers, social media profiles)
  • Create PowerMods and apply them to accounts
  • Handle key based authentication (no chain account needed for basic actions)
  • Deposit and hold NFT as well as locking or burning of NFTs
  • System can create "Offers" where Boid accounts can exchange one thing for another ex: pay BOID to get PowerMod
  • stats are tracked automatically as global accumulations as well as time delineated (ex inflation per segment of time)

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