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Boid Core & Boid Verse

Boid is a radical new take on The Play-to-Earn model driving players incentivizing them to put forth their spare computing power helping to solve some of the worlds greatest diseases, including Cancer, while being rewarded greatly for their time in game. To learn more about it you can read detailed documentation on this portal.

Who is Boid for?

Boid is for anyone who wants to be part of something huge. We designed Boid from the ground up to be as accessible as technologically possible. Anyone with a computer (or compatible smartphone) and internetconnection can use Boid.

How do I get Started?

Currently BOID is particpating in Folding at Home (Aka F@H) to join us go to and pick your version. Currently F@H supports Windows 32&64bit, macOS 10.7+, most major Linux Distros, ARM and Rasberry PI, as well as Docker (Instructions and vSphere (instructions

Once you have installed F@H the first thing to do is input your user name and team number,the Boid Team is 238663.

How do I get paid?

At this time BOID will continue twards a full deployment on Telos in addition to EOS, and are currently paying out work from Folding at Home on the Telos chain at periodic intervals.

How do I move my BOID between chains: transfer BOID,Telos to EOS.